LadyBug Audio Demos



The MVee LadyBug is an Overdrive Pedal. I know, you’re probably thinking you don’t need another overdrive pedal Clone. Good, neither did we !


Inspired by the soul of a 1957 all Tube amp, the LadyBug will give any amp the sound and soul of a 50′s and 60′s tube amp working it’s magic.  From lush clean overtones to tubes on the verge of failure and every era in between. The LadyBug can be used as a warm boost, a light overdrive, even as a Fuzz ! Use it with a Solid-State amp to give it a soul or use it with a Tube amp to unleash its wildest dreams.


Four controls offer versatile sound shaping:

Gain: from Clean Boost to Raging tubes

Tone: from natural tone to a Treble Cut

Clip: Germanium and Silicon Modes, symmetrical Clipping.

Volume: Interacts with the Gain control to go from clean boost to lush overdrive, sets the final output volume.


100% MVee designed

Price :  199$ CAD, Includes High Quality 9V Power Supply.


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