Welcome to my Beltone tube amps page. Beltone amps are making a litlle comeback from the 50′s and 60′s. I own a model AP-24 and I am very happy with it. I love the simplicity and character they offer. A Boutique type amp for the cost of a stompbox!  No amp simulator is ever going to come close.

Have a Beltone amp ? Share your experience and pictures here!

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::Beltone  AP-24 

Beltone AP-24 

the tubes are from left to right:

Rectifier: 5Y3GT

Power : 6BQ5 6BQ5 or EL84 EL84
Preamp/trem: 6AV6 6AV6 6AV6 6AV6
Volume, Bass, Treble, and the trem has an on/off pot with a range of tremolo speeds.
2X10? Alnico !   
  • #1 written by Terry  10 years ago

    hi i have a old beltone amp and it has 3 out of 5 valves where can i get some more 4 it so i can use it? any ideas?

  • #2 written by Michel  10 years ago

    Hi Terry, has a nice selection of tubes. Ebay is always a good source for these old tubes that are out of production. You might even find some NOS (new old stock)tubes. Witch Beltone model is your amp?


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